About us

Richard and his team have more than fifty years’ experience in using stone to create items of breath-taking beauty and lasting appeal.

The Richard Smythe name stands or falls by the service it provides and, like our products, our service is solid and dependable. As a company, we’re known for our expertise and we’re as proud of our pre- and after-sales support as we are of the exceptional standards of our workmanship. Our specially trained workforce becomes fully immersed in each project, working with you from design and fabrication to the final on-site assembly.

Our stoneworks at Pendell Farm in the Surrey countryside is a productive combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. Our skilled stonemasons work in a safe, light and spacious environment and use the latest equipment to cut and shape stone into high-quality products. We’ve established a workshop that’s accessible to our customers – a place where you can see first hand how we work.

ShowroomOur showroom features product displays showcasing our work to provide you with inspiration, as well as a huge selection of stone samples for you to view, feel and handle. It’s the ideal starting point to discuss your ideas and designs, and the means of turning them into products, with the materials all in one place.

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