We select, shape and craft stone in ways that are limited only by our imagination.

Our designs can become your own statement of creativity and enduring permanence, in your home or in your business.

Our experience in working with stone spans more than fifty years. We employ the most skilled and dedicated stonemasons who share our passion for stone in a love affair as solid as the stone itself.

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Richard Smythe Stone
Specialists in their field

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Richard and his team have more than fifty years’ experience in using stone to create items of breath-taking beauty and lasting appeal.

Richard Smythe name stands or falls by the service it provides and, like our products, our service is solid and dependable. As a company, we’re known for our expertise and we’re as proud of our pre- and after-sales support as we are of the exceptional standards of our workmanship. Our specially trained workforce becomes fully immersed in each project, working with you from design and fabrication to the final on-site assembly.

Our stoneworks at Pendell Farm in the Surrey countryside is a productive combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.

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