Engineered Stone

What is it?

Engineered stone is a manufactured alternative to natural stone, made by mixing ground quartz with resin and colour pigments. Mirrored glass is sometimes added to give a more reflective finish.

What are its main advantages?

Controlled production gives engineered stone a consistent finish, without the inherent idiosyncrasies of natural stone, and so it is ideal for achieving a uniform look. When you choose from a sample of engineered stone, it will precisely match the final product you receive, whereas natural stone samples can only indicate a close match to the final product because of individual variations that come with each piece of stone that is cut.

Engineered stone comes in the widest range of colours and can be matched perfectly to your own interior scheme. It’s also completely non-porous and the most stain resistant of the materials we work with, making it extremely easy to maintain and less likely to change its appearance over time.

What are its disadvantages?

The most obvious one for stone lovers is that it’s not pure stone but a composite to meet the needs of modern life, perhaps lacking character in some people’s eyes.

What colours are available?

Just about any colour you want. Engineered stone comes in the widest range of colours of any of the materials we work with.

What finishes are available?

Engineered stone can be polished or take a matt finish (honed).